Frank Ocean Debuts New Song ‘Biking’ With Jay Z And Tyler The Creator

If you want to hear the debut of new Frank Ocean music, we suggest tuning into his radio show. The singer has made his Beats 1 radio series Blonded the destination for premiering his new music, with both his own singles and the music Ocean curates for the show displaying his wide range of tastes.

In February, Ocean teamed up with Calvin Harris and Migos for the summery single “Slide,” which doubled as Ocean’s first new release since 2016’s Blonde. The song debuted on Blonded after many social media teases from Ocean and Harris in the days leading up to the release.

Then in March, Ocean made a memorable debut of his track “Chanel,” playing the song 18 times in a row on his radio station. Largely being lauded as a ‘bisexual’ anthem, Ocean also included an A$AP Rocky remix of “Chanel” during one of the initial 18 plays.

Now Ocean has released his third song in the same number of months, this time teaming up with Jay Z and Tyler The Creator for “Biking.”

Describing the act of riding a bike as way to allow his mind to wander, Ocean sings, “I’m bikin’ uphill and it’s burning my quads / I’m bikin’ downhill and it sounds like a fishing rod.”

Jay Z has previously appeared on Ocean’s radio show, engaging in a discussion on the state of pop music with the singer during Ocean’s first episode of Blonded.

As for Tyler The Creator, the rapper has posted a one-minute video with music set to “Biking” on his social media pages. It’s unclear as to whether the video is part of a larger music video for “Biking” or not.

“Biking” is the latest collaboration to land Ocean and Jay Z in the studio together. The two previously released “No Church In The Wild” along with Kanye West as part of the 2011 duet album Watch The Throne.

Listen to Frank Ocean’s “Biking” featuring Jay Z and Tyler The Creator below.