Frank Ocean May Be Sitting On A Brand New Album

Frank Ocean could be dropping another album sooner than you think. In a recent Tumblr post, he hinted at possibly having another album in the works.

Ocean claimed he has already completed the mystery album, he just hasn’t “put that bitch out!”

This cryptic message seemed to coincide with a 2012 tweet that Ocean made where he promised to release five albums before he turned 30-years-old. Well, with his 3oth birthday having been exactly one month ago today, this could mean that he’s secretly met that deadline.

The realization that there was a possible connection between the two posts instantly sent hardcore Ocean fans into a frenzy. Although Ocean has since deleted Twitter, a screenshot of his Tweet and Tumblr post made the rounds on social media, causing many to speculate that a new album was on the way.

Just a few hours before this shocking news, Ocean had also announced that his visual album Endless was now available for purchase on Vinyl, DVD, CD and VHS through his site.

At this point in his musical career, Ocean has released four projects: Nostagia Ultra, Channel Orange, Blonde, and Endless. Although classifying all four of those projects as albums is debatable, they are still four solid bodies of musical work and if Ocean does drop this new project, his promise to himself may almost hold true.

Hopefully Ocean isn’t just teasing us, this mystery album is for real and it will be released ASAP. Who knows, maybe he’ll just pull a Beyoncé and drop the album out of nowhere. For now, all we can do is wait.