What We Know About Frank Ocean’s New Song ‘Chanel’

No stranger to surprise music releases, Frank Ocean dropped a new song called “Chanel” on Friday night.

During the second episode of his Beats 1 Radio show blonded, another Ocean medium that’s highly regarded but also draped in mystery, Ocean and co-hosts spun everything from Whitney Houston to Todd Rundren and UGK. The second hour of the Apple Music show was dedicated solely to the premiere of “Chanel,” which is Ocean’s first new music since his two 2016 releases Endless and blonde, and his recent guest spot on Calvin Harris’ “Slide.”

Here’s what we know about the new track so far.


Ocean played “Chanel” 18 times back-to-back

The second half of the two-hour show began with the premiere of “Chanel,” and ended with 17 consecutive plays of the new song. Hey, no one was complaining—the woozy, contemplative track likely would have been played 17 more times anyway.


“Chanel” has already been remixed by A$AP Rocky

Nestled within the 18 repetitions of “Chanel” was an A$AP Rocky remix—differing from the contemplative, woozy original in its lo fi wind-down that features a verse from the rapper. While no attention was called to the remix during the show (there’s little commentary throughout blonded), super fans quickly took to social media to call out the baked-in Rocky appearance.


Frank took to Tumblr following the premiere

On Friday, the singer also hopped on Tumblr to post art featuring the Chanel label logo, the song’s album art and its lyrics. Following the vocal distortion we heard plenty of on blonde, we would normally welcome some lyrical clarity from Frank. However, you’re better off deciphering the song’s meaning by ear, as it’s not the most legible lyric sheet we’ve ever seen. But it looks cool, and that’s what matters.


Frank has found himself another new doo

Following the famous lime green dye job he sported on the cover of blonde, the album art for “Chanel” features Ocean with a bright red buzzcut. Unsurprisingly, the rest of his ensemble is super fly, too—a look that includes Gucci low-top sneakers, bootleg jeans and a Sacai “Horrorshow” t-shirt. No Chanel in sight, though.


The song is being lauded as a “bisexual anthem”

Many fans have taken to social media to express appreciation for the song’s lyrics, which they interpret as empowering for those who identify as bisexual. On “Chanel,” the openly bisexual Ocean sings,  “My guy pretty like a girl / And he got fight stories to tell / I see both sides like Chanel / See on both sides like Chanel.” You go, Frank.