From Medleys to Covers: Highlights From Buffer Festival’s Featured Musicians

Buffer Festival Musicians

Toronto’s third annual Buffer Festival is almost a wrap, and Much has been on the scene getting you the inside scoop on all the must-see premieres.

This year’s festival highlighted a variety of genres including, Travel and Adventure, Lifestyle and Beauty, Science and Education, Comedy Vloggers, Women of YouTube and more! Of course, the festival wouldn’t be complete without a screening dedicated to music.

Every day, thousands of YouTubers go online to stream their favourite music videos. Sure, YouTube is a great place for mega-stars to premiere hot new videos in hopes of breaking streaming records, but it’s an even better space for YouTube Creators to showcase their music to fans without having to be signed to a major label.

From original medleys, to covers and parodies, YouTube Creators have the freedom to explore their musical creativity without (almost) any restrictions.

Last night (Oct. 24) Buffer Festival rounded up some a YouTube’s most popular musical talents to premiere their latest work in front of a live audience. Here are some of the highlights from the Musicians and Music Videos screening:

Meghan Tonjes – Hello (Cover)

Meghan Tonjes premiered two videos; a sneak peek of an original track titled ‘London Bound,’ and a cover of Adele’s latest release, ‘Hello’. The cover was recorded at the last minute in her Toronto hotel room, and she nearly broke her ankle rushing back to her room to get it done. It was beyond impressive, and I might still have goosebumps.

K.A.I.A. – Odyssey

K.A.I.A. (AKA Kayla Briët) wasn’t listed on Buffer Festival’s website, but after winning a contest, she was invited to premiere her original song at the Musicians and Music Videos screening. K.A.I.A. wasn’t onstage with the rest of the YouTubers, but when asked who they would want to collaborate with during the Q&A portion of the event, the creators all pointed to K.A.I.A. in the audience.

Jimmy Wong – Dawn of the Medley

It isn’t all about the lyrics, you know! A lot of work goes into creating the instrumentals and mixing the music. While Jimmy Wong’s ‘The Ultimate Majora’s Mask Medley – The Legend of Zelda’ wasn’t a new premiere, it still showcased said fact quite nicely.

Rob Scallon – Metal in Inappropriate Places

Also not a new premiere, also not listed on the Buffer Festival Website, but still worth noting. Rob Scallon’s ‘Metal in Inappropriate Places’ would have worked just as well in a comedy screening. The video features Scallon ripping on guitar in literally the most inappropriate places. I loved it. The internet needs more of this.

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