From Stoked To Stunned: All of The Feels At A Celeb Book Signing


Fri, October, 31 by


If you have ever been to a book signing with one of your favourite authors or another celebrity who has published a book you know if can trigger a range of emotions. I went to Nick Offerman’s book signing last year though and the only emotion I felt was pure happiness. But that is not usually the case. Book signings are a great place to get you even closer to someone you admire than a concert and definitely a movie, but they can also sometimes be a tad bit dizzying. Yesterday I went to a book signing for one of my favourite people in the whole wide world, Amy Poehler. This is me as her character Leslie Knope for Halloween a few years ago.


Anyway, the way this signing worked was that you lined up early to get wristbands, bought the book, were assigned a group and then returned later that evening for a talk and signing. It was great by all measures. Mostly. Amy was interviewed on stage by Tatiana Maslany who had a two episode arc on Parks and Recreation earlier in the series. They laughed about dancing together at the Golden Globes after party, talked about both of their origins in improv and how vulnerability is a great trait. It was hilarious and heart-warming, just like her book.

But, for me and I’m sure a lot of other people there, it was an adventure in feels. So to take Amy’s advice about being more vulnerable, these are all the emotions I felt at Amy Poehler’s book signing. I bet they can be applied to almost any other signing with the same structure.



“Okay so it may be 6:15 in the morning but this adrenaline has really got me going. Or maybe it is this coffee I am carrying. Either way I am bundled up, have my iPod loaded and am ready to wait in this line for two hours to buy another copy of the book and get my wristband! Cold and a lack of sleep cannot get me down! I’m a Poehler bear.”



“There it is. The door. We are just steps away from being let inside to feel the warmth of shelter and of a newly applied wristband. Just a few minutes longer and we can go pee and get another coffee.”

Pure Joy


“Oh em geeeee! We made it through this morning line up. We got our books. Time for a selfie. Only a few short hours at work before we will be right back at this spot chatting away with our idol! Can it be night-time already?”

Anticipation Again

“Sitting at work. Writing a blog about animals playing with pumpkins. What a fun job I have. But man oh man, is it 6 yet? I want to go meet Amy Poehler!!!”

Tired & Hot


“Well waking up at 5 am has really caught up with me. Boy oh boy is it hot and crammed in here. Only one more hour until… Oh they are late? Okay an hour and a bit…”



“Hahaha. Tatiana and Amy are so charming. What talents! What charm! What great gals! This is the best night of my life even though I can only take blurry pictures.”


“What? That was… what? Did that book even touch the table long enough for it to be signed. Did I say anything to her? Did she say anything to me? Did I get a picture? How long was that like six seconds? What just happened?” – No picture, because I was stunned….

Regretful (This morning)

“Listen-up Jessica. You are one of a very few select group of fans that got to even spend 6 seconds with one of the greatest comedic minds of our time and one of the most inspiring feminists. Pull yourself together and be grateful. Then eat waffles.”