‘Game Night’ Could Be Rachel McAdams’ Funniest Movie Since ‘Mean Girls’

Doctor Strange. True Detective. Spotlight. Rachel McAdams is a great dramatic actor (who doesn’t love The Notebook?) but that doesn’t mean we don’t still miss the bitingly hilarious McAdams we saw over a decade ago in a little movie called Mean Girls. We need more comedic Rachel McAdams, and we need it now.

Fortunately she seems to have answered our silent pleas, as the trailer for an upcoming movie called Game Night dropped just this afternoon. Starring McAdams as well as Arrested Development’s Jason Bateman and Friday Night Lights’ Kyle Chandler, Game Night is about a murder mystery party that turns into a real murder mystery (or at least a kidnap mystery—from what we saw in the trailer, we’re not sure if anyone actually gets murdered).

After Chandler’s Brooks is beat up and taken away by two muscly, scary-looking dudes, McAdam’s Annie, Bateman’s Max, and the other party guests (some of whom are played by New Girl’s Lamorne Morris, Pitch’s Kylie Bunbury, and Ingrid Goes West’s Bill Magnussen) go on a mission to find out who the murderer/kidnapper is. They talk to an eerily calm cat owner (Breaking Bad’s Jesse Plemons), discover a wounded office worker (Brooklyn Nine Nine’s Chelsea Peretti) and accidentally drip blood on a dog. Annie even accidentally wounds Max with what she thinks is a fake gun.

The fact that Brooks’ kidnapping happened on the same night as the murder-mystery party puts everything in doubt. Neither we nor the characters know how much of what’s happening is real and how much is fake. Fortunately for us, that’ll make everything that happens to Annie and Max both extremely terrifying and super hilarious.

McAdams’ Annie is unquestionably the star of the trailer—she confronts a man who holds her at gunpoint, can’t help but be flattered when that man insists she’s too good-looking to have kids, and tries to treat Max’s wound with a bottle of Chardonnay and a hamburger squeaky toy. Her star power plus the fact that the movie was directed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (aka the duo who wrote Spider-Man: Homecoming) has us convinced that Game Night will mark McAdam’s triumphant return to comedy.

Game Night comes out on March 2, 2018. Support Rachel McAdams’ comedic pursuits and check out the trailer down below