Do You Know Where Your Favourite Much Game Shows Originated From?


Much has always been a front-runner in bringing you fun and wacky shows to enjoy, which includes a bunch of hilarious game shows. What you may not have known about a few of the fun and wacky game shows that have aired over the years is they originated from lands far, far away.

Did you know Silent Library was from a Japanese variety show or Pants-Off Dance-Off has had three different versions throughout the years? Brush up on your Much trivia with these unforgettable game shows that had their start overseas.

Team Ninja Warrior and Sasuke (Japan)

Team Ninja Warrior is a spin-off of American Ninja Warrior and features alumni from the latter in teams of three competing against each other for cash prizes. While the dual team dynamic is a new edition to the series, the “Ninja Warrior” concept isn’t. The sports competition is a spin-off of the Japanese show, Sasuke, which first aired in 1997 and continues to air new episodes. Comparing the two, you can find many similarities in obstacle courses. The Japanese version differs because of their rigid time restrictions to complete the stage, which made it harder to advance to the next arena.

Silent Library and Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende (Japan)

Silent Library is based off a segment from popular Japanese variety show Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende, which translates to: Downtown’s This Is No Task for Kids! Contestants are required to complete a variety of bizarre challenges in a quiet library setting. If they get too loud, the team automatically loses, but they aren’t aware of their volume disruption until the challenge is complete. While it is a half-hour show here, episodes are only a few minutes long in Japan.

Pants-Off Dance-Off and Pants-Off Dance-Off (U.K.)

Pants-Off Dance-Off first aired on Fuse for an American audience, but it’s the U.K. version that Much takes after. While the U.S. version was a competition in which viewers would text to vote for their favourite “pancer,” the U.K. and Canadian versions don’t have any competitive components and focused more on the comedy and awkward dancing of the participants.

The Almost Impossible Game Show (U.K.) and Crash Games

Much airs the U.K. version of The Almost Impossible Game Show, which is based on Germany’s Crash Games. While both shows contain similar challenges, they have very different concepts. On Crash Games, contestants work together in pairs and the winner goes home with €5,000, while The Almost Impossible Game Show is a singles game and the winner only gets a trophy.