Get To Know Our Much Creators With This Week’s Snapchat and Instagram Takeovers!


Mon, June, 8 by


We recently announced our very own Much Creators and while you may be familiar with some of them already, we thought you should get to know each and every one of them better through the magical power of social media!

Each week, one of our creators will be taking over our Much Snapchat account (MuchOfficial) and one of our creators will be taking over our Instagram account (@MuchMusic)!

This week, we’ve tapped singer extraordinaire Dan Talevski to take over our Snapchat account today and fierce beauty master Mila Victoria will sass up our Instagram account on Thursday, June 11!

Check out videos by Dan Talevski and Mila Victoria on now and tune in to see what our creators do on Snapchat and Instagram this week!