Get To Know Your New Crush Actor Jonny Weston In Guy Gush


Fri, January, 30 by


Jonny Weston is a name you will be hearing. From his upcoming role in Insurgent to his part in Taken 3, Jonny is carving out a nice niche as a young up and coming action star.

Now he stars in the movie Project Almanac about a teenager who finds his dad’s old time machine technology in his basement and jumps around time with his friends. But things don’t go well, as you could expect.

Now, we have the best way to get to know Jonny before you dive into his movies. Find out everything from his dream last supper meal to his thoughts on the Illuminati in our new segment Guy Gush. Check it out.

Check out the trailer for his latest movie Project Almanac, which hits theatres today!