Glitter, Unicorns and The First Ever Osheaga Performer

osheaga-2015_grace-potterAfter 10 years, Grace Potter has returned to Montreal’s Osheaga Music Festival to celebrate the anniversary and her role in bringing the festival to life.

In 2005, Grace Potter took the stage early on a Thursday afternoon, “or whatever it was…,” and at that moment, officially became the first artist to ever perform at Osheaga.

All these years later, Potter still brings her vibrant energy to the Osheaga stage. Despite there only being a few people watching all those years ago, she said she knew Osheaga would become something majestic and special.

“It was probably about 37 people at our show,” she said. “I looked out at the park, and I looked at the location and I knew this was a really spectacular site.”

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