Oldchella Is Real And The Lineup Is Amazing


From Goldenvoice, the organizers behind the festival phenomenon Coachella, comes what could possibly be the greatest music festival of all-time… Oldchella. What was once only a tantalizing rumour about a month ago is now all but confirmed.

The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, The Who, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd and Neil Young were all some of the names originally attached to this magical event. And then on Friday, things got super real.

Starting with Roger Waters, those artists linked to the music festival began posting ominous teaser videos to their Facebook pages, all ending with one word: October.

Only 21 minutes after Waters posted his video, The Who took to their Facebook page, followed by Bob Dylan, McCartney and then The Stones this morning. Now we’re only waiting for the final rumoured artist, Neil Young to drop a sixth epic teaser onto his page.

It’s also been confirmed that this collection of musical mastery will all be happening at the Coachella location of Empire Polo Field in Indio, California. Goldenvoice hasn’t actually revealed the real name of the festival yet, but our pick is definitely Oldchella, the name the fans have been running with since that initial rumour.

The anticipation is just too much for us, so we decided to look at five more legendary artists we would love to see perform at this unnamed festival while we wait for more information.

Elton John

Tina Turner

Lionel Richie

Bruce Springsteen

Fleetwood Mac