Watch ‘Good Boys’ Go Bad In New Trailer

Mon, June, 10 by Meghan Myhal

Child star Jacob Tremblay is back on the big screen with new movie that’s definitely not made for children.

The new trailer for Good Boys, produced by Seth Rogen, shows off the unique combination of fearlessness and disappearing innocence specific to middle schoolers, showing 12-year-olds Max, Thor, and Lucas smuggling alcohol, accidentally stealing a bag full of drugs, and locking a policeman inside of a convenience store.

The movie focuses on the best part of any party—the lead up. Max, Thor, and Lucas are eager to seem cool at their first real party and decided to spy on their female neighbour in an attempt to learn about kissing. Using a drone that gets quickly destroyed, the trio end up on an long-winded adventure to try to fix it before their parents find out. Not to mention, there’s still the party to prepare for.

The new trailer follows the Red Band version that dropped in March, which started off with Rogen explaining to the stars (Room’s Jacob Tremblay, Boardwalk Empire’s Brady Noon, and The Last Man On Earth’s Keith L. Williams) that they were too young to watch the R-rated trailer of their own movie, showing that although it’s set in the sixth grade, this film is made for the young at heart—not simply the young.

You can re-live sixth grade when Good Boys hits theatres on August 16, 2019.