Good Charlotte Does Your Dirty Work In ‘Makeshift Love’


One Direction are on officially on hiatus for two years, and in their place, the music Gods have given us Good Charlotte. After a four-year-long break, GC announced their reunion only a week ago and have returned with a vengeance with their latest single, Makeshift Love.

In the music video, the band mates work at Break App, a service that basically dumps your significant other for you. The band, all dressed in matching red oxfords and khaki pants, become the bearer of bad news for a number of different boyfriends.

Complete with iPads, iPhones and text message bubbles, GC might be trying really hard to convince us they’re still hip, cool and relevant. Or, itr could be a diversion tactic to distract us from the fact that they all look…pretty old.

Either way, the song itself sounds very similar to their tried-and-true pop-punk sound that made them famous in the early 2000s. So don’t expect any EDM reinventions from the Madden brothers and company.

Check out the video below.