Good Charlotte Fight Deportation With New Video ‘Prayers’

Good Charlotte

As the U.S. continues to become increasingly divided in the wake of the current governmental body, celebrities, musicians and actors are taking a stand and using their platforms to help educate the general population and assist those adversely affected by the new laws and legislation being passed and repealed in Washington. Good Charlotte are doing more than offering their thoughts and prayers to the thousands of Americans being affected by the DREAM Act and President Trump’s recent immigration ban and deportations. The rockers are not only using their latest music video “Prayers” to shine a spotlight on one family affected by the Trump administration, but they’re also donating money to help fight against the President’s unethical and racists policies. Now that’s punk rock.

“Prayers” follows the family of an unnamed punk rock fan living in Los Angeles. The young man’s mother works in two small shops, where she hand makes home goods. His father works as a mechanic, and the son throws  rock shows in his backyard, with the proceeds going towards helping support his family. As revealed in the subtitles for “Prayers,” the family lives in constant fear of being deported by I.C.E., hence the need for keeping their names and exact locations hidden in the video. Even with the immense burden of living in Trump’s America, the family remains hopeful and proud to call themselves American. Oh yeah, this video is gonna make you cry.

For their part, Good Charlotte only appear in a handful of scenes, which are shot in the middle of the desert where the band plays their new single. The video closes with a final subtitle card revealing that the proceeds from the video shoot have been donated to RAICES, the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services.

Releasing a statement about the powerful new song and video, Good Charlotte said, “The video profiles a real life friend of the band and his parents as they work hard and contribute to their community even though they are under constant threat of deportation by I.C.E. Despite everything they are up against, they remain optimistic and proud to call themselves American.”

“Prayers” follows Good Charlotte’s “Shadowboxer” and “Actual Pain,” the first two singles from their upcoming seventh album Generation Rx, which is set to be released later this month on September 14.