What Would ‘Gossip Girl’ Look Like In 2019?

With the revival of the iconic teen drama reportedly in the works, we found ourselves wondering where the original Gossip Girl characters are at in life almost ten years after the show’s last episode aired. According to Variety, the spin-off series (which will live on the new streaming service HBO Max) won’t focus on the Serena, Blair, and company. Instead, it will follow a new generation of New York private school teens, but we’re still hoping that some of the original gang will make cameos. And we couldn’t help but hypothesize how the Upper East Siders are living now. Streetwear, social media influencing, and AirPods? You know they’d love it.


Queen B Is Still Royalty

Impossible to be dethroned, Queen B is definitely living a life inspired by Meghan Markle. Drinking the finest wines and dining at the nicest restaurants, not much has changed for Blair. We doubt she’s even aged a day, given that she’s likely got the most expensive skincare routine on the market. We imagine if she’s got children she’s the head of the PTA, but often sends Dorota in her place. Yes, even though her palace is decked out with Google Home she still keeps Dorota around, as she’s the only true friend she’s ever had. You can buy La Mer, but you can’t buy loyalty.

Serena Embraces Wellness Culture

No doubt a dewy Glossier girl (Serena wears Boy Brow in Blonde) who gets her clear skin by just “drinking water,” Serena is probably still the NYC It Girl, sporting dainty gold jewelry and wearing Reformation sets. Likely inspired by an older beautiful blonde who owns a wellness company that rhymes with soup, Serena is probably making a green juice as we speak. A bit older now, we imagine she still enjoys drinking white wine and going to museums, eternally being everyone’s muse despite no one really understanding her. Sigh.


Rufus Is (Still) Brewing Kombucha

Let’s be real, Rufus was probably brewing his own kombucha and using metal straws back in Season 1. We’re 100 per cent sure that if he hasn’t already joined the small-town revival and moved out to Montauk, he’s shopping sustainably for organic cotton tees in Brooklyn. He’s got his tote bag ready for the Sunday morning farmer’s market to buy fresh berries for his famous waffles. (We know for a fact this this ice cream is coconut-based.)


Dan Runs A Meme Page

Now that Gossip Girl is defunct, someone has to keep the Upper East Siders informed. With the surge of meme pages on Twitter and Instagram, Dan is likely behind many memes. The soft boi/sad boy can be found at his local fair-trade coffee shop making starter packs that are a bit too personal to be relatable, but maintains a strong following through sponsored content. We know Dollar Shave Club is behind that perfect stubble.


Chuck Is A Supreme Reseller

After having a mid-life crisis well before mid-life, Chuck has traded in his classic suits for high-end streetwear. He can be found reselling Supreme and trying to cut the line at sneaker drops. “Do you know who I am?” he says, but it falls on deaf ears. The skaters and SoundCloud rappers don’t know or care who Chuck Bass is. To curb these humbling experiences, Chuck can be found investing in the “next big thing” just a tad too late. Fidget spinners and hover boards had their moment, Chuck.


Nate Has AirPods

Classic, but always timely, Nate is likely running around his high-end suburban neighbourhood in his Lululemon shorts with his Air Pods in. During the week, he’s walking around NYC taking important calls with his AirPods in. Strolling through Trader Joe’s looking for MCT oil with his AirPods in. Eating his kale salad while reading GQ with his AirPods in. Drowning out the sound of his blender as he makes a protein shake and listens to Lil Pump with his AirPods in.


Jenny Is An Instagram Influencer

What Instagram trend of the moment is Jenny adopting as her own? Will she stick with the dark colours and chunky jewelry à-la Billie Eilish? Has she started a clothing brand of bolded text on a plain white shirts ordered in bulk? Is she hopping on the tiny top-big pants look, sporting industrial-style belts and some neon? Is she walking down the streets of the Upper East Side in her Fila Disrupters? Time will tell!


Lily Brunches Weekly

Avocado toast, mimosas, and any excuse to dress up has got Lily’s name all over it. We imagine the hardworking mom takes her Sundays seriously, brunching with her family and friends. We can’t picture her waiting in lines, but imagine her Instagram shots of fluffy pancakes and cloud eggs (taken by Eric, maybe?) look absolutely flawless.


Vanessa Is A Storytime YouTuber

Someone who always has something to say, Vanessa is for sure going to take advantage of telling her story on the storytelling platform no one can get enough of. We can only imagine her 40-minute story time vids about someone who wronged her at the bookstore. Maybe she’ll give a 10-part documentary style YouTube vid on her enemy Georgina Sparks, exposing her for selling vitamins that don’t actually make your hair and nails stronger. Someone call the drama channels.