Grandtheft Talks Working With Diplo And Performs ‘All The Way Up’

Grandtheft Int Main

Toronto-based EDM musician Grandtheft may have named his new EP Quit This City, but it’s not because he’s fallen out of love with T Dot. Rather, the title is a metaphor for detaching from the hustle of city living.

“There’s a lot of organic elements,” says Grandtheft during a recent interview with Much. “Unplugging from the city, unplugging from the club, you know, so it’s not just about quitting this specific city, but just getting into nature and thinking about organic over electronic.”

The new EP is an evolution from Grandtheft’s previous releases, but that doesn’t mean longtime fans will be disappointed. “I describe it as a driving record or something you can listen to front to back. There are still songs you can DJ or play in a club, but it’s not trying to be DJ music.”

Grandtheft is not only well known for his original tracks, but also for his famous remixes. Many of those songs have come from studio time with Diplo, who Grandtheft describes as a friend and mentor. “He (Diplo) has been super supportive. He’s really talented to work with in the studio. He just moves very fast and I like to work like that too.”

In addition to chatting with Much’s Gaby Henderson, Grandtheft also performed his new song All The Way Up. Check out the full interview and performance below!