Grimes Releases Fourth Art Angels Instalment With ‘California’ Video

Grimes California

Grimes is continuing to build on her series of videos focusing on art and culture with her latest music video, “California.”

The video opens with a black screen and yellow text that reads, “When the ocean rises up above the ground maybe I’ll drown in” with the next slide introducing “California” as the fourth act from Grimes’ 2015 album Art Angels. The new clip follows the double video for “Flesh Without Blood” and “Life In The Vivid Dream,” as well as Grimes’ most recent single, “Kill V. Maim.”

“California” is a series of settings featuring Grimes showcasing the different ways to make it in California, most notably as an artist on stage. Grimes also dances around a basketball court and a pottery studio in addition to performing the *almost* radio-friendly pop track on stage in a cowboy costume.

The new music video features a different, more energetic version of “California” than the one that appears on Art Angels and is directed by Grimes, real name Claire Boucher, and her brother Mac. The video includes an appearance by Grimes’ tourmate HANA, as well as Megan James of Purity Ring.

Check out Grimes’ dreamy video for “California” below.