Grimes Will Showcase Original Artwork On New Instagram Account


By this point, we’ve established that Canadian electro-pop artist Grimes can pretty much do it all.

Besides writing, producing and performing all of her music, she also directs all of her own music videos and creates her own album art. Now, Grimes has created a separate Instagram account, @GrimesArtOfficial, entirely dedicated to her and her fans’ artwork.

Grimes, real name Claire Boucher, said in a post on her main Instagram, “I get so much incredible art all the time from y’all, but I don’t want to spam people.”

Grimes said the new account will mainly focus on fan art, but will also include some of her own illustrations. So far, the account hosts a few fan-sourced visual pieces, plus photos documenting her new leg tattoo.

see this actually completely intimidates me — this is soooo good . by @irving_m_art

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If you happen to be thinking up any Grimes fan art, you now know where you might be able to get it featured.