Grimes Releases Seven New Music Videos

If you were overdue for your latest Grimes fix, not to worry—the dreamy electro-pop artist has just dropped seven new music videos. All at once.

Four of the videos—“World Princess part II,” “Butterfly,” “Belly Of The Beat,” and “Scream (Feat. Aristophanes)”—accompany songs from her 2015 album Art Angels, while the other three are for songs by HANA, titled “Chimera,” “Underwater,” and “Avalanche.”

Via Twitter, Grimes explains that she shot the videos over two weeks while on tour in Europe with her brother Mac, best friend Hana, and back-up dancers Linda and Alyson.

The videos were shot on a phone with no crew or fancy equipment, and in some shots, they’ve left the audio in so you can hear Mac’s excited commentary (i.e. “Oh my god, this shot!”)

Don’t let the low-budget production turn you off, because they’re still beautiful and chock full of Grimes’ love for vivid colour, Gothic architecture, bold outfits, and kick-ass, unapologetic dance moves. She shows some love for her fans as well, incorporating footage of concert crowds into the “Scream” video.

You can watch the videos individually, or all together as a short film called The AC!D Reign Chronicles, in what Grimes says is “the intended order,” below.