Hear A Snippet Of Grimes’ New Song ‘That’s What Drugs Are For’

We’ve been closely following Grimes’ social media for any sample of new music—it’s where she’s shared teasers of “adore u (beautiful game)” and “4 æm” and the working tracklist from her upcoming album. Today, we’re getting another preview, as Grimes shows us the journey of her creative process and shares a snippet of a new song called “that’s what drugs are for.”

The teaser is heard in a new video of the Canadian artist, completed as part of Apple’s “Behind the Mac” campaign. Grimes is shown lost in her music and in the isolation of a studio, sprawled on the floor and surrounded by a myriad of instruments. She narrates, “You can do way weirder things if you’re alone in a room and you’re not worried about people judging you.”

The ad features a steady guitar strum and distorted bass that amplifies throughout, gradually transitioning into Grimes’ ethereal cooing vocals. The simultaneously upbeat and ominous audio heard is “that’s what drugs are for,” which is the latest preview from the synth-pop artist’s tentative tracklist. We also learn about how the multi-hyphenate produces her songs, edits music videos, and designs album artwork.

“I hate permission, I don’t want permission. If I just want to drop something, then I just drop it,” Grimes said.

While the rebellious cyberpunk has yet to announce an official release date, she’s been showing off a few bits of her fifth album and has hinted at a potential collaboration with Youtube sensation Poppy. With earlier releases this year like collaborations with K-pop group Loona yyxy on “love4eva”and Janelle Monáe on “PYNK,” more unexpected music is anticipated.