Grindr, GIFs And More Weird Ways Celebrities Are Promoting Albums

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Standing out in the music world has never been more difficult. With new music coming at listeners from every direction and medium, even the most successful artists are challenged with developing new and interesting ways to announce their albums.

When it comes to musicians spreading the word on their records, standing out is key. From dating apps to celebrity friends, here are some new ways to find out when your favourite artist is dropping their next album.

Famously Used By: Taylor Swift

Does It Work: Judging whether something works by the success of how Taylor Swift employs it isn’t really fair. She could write lyrics on bananas and hide them in grocery stores across the country and the idea would take off like wildfire. Instagram is definitely one of the first stops for musicians when making announcements and we love that Swift got creative when sharing the lyrics and track listing for 1989.

Track 7 #1989lyrics

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Famously Used By: Leona Lewis

Does It Work: Lewis appears to be enlisting the help of the male dating app as a last ditch effort to increase sales of her latest album. Pricing it at only $3.99 may be a quick way to get copies sold, but we’re not sure ballads are the best soundtrack to hooking up.

Famously Used By: Selena Gomez

Does It Work: Everyone. Loves. GIFs. There are very few emotions, scenarios, and explanations that aren’t better explained with GIFs. If country leaders used GIFs to communicate, worldwide peace would already be a reality. Selena Gomez knows this and used sexy gifs to unveil the track listing for her new album Revival. This is how we feel about it.

Famous Friends
Famously Used By: Demi Lovato

Does It Work: Lovato used her impressive contact list to announce the track listing for her upcoming album Confident. Celebrity friends including Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azalea, Nick Jonas, Ryan Seacrest, Hailee Steinfeld and more each tweeted out the name of a new song off the album. Does it work? Kim Kardashian alone has over 35 million Twitter followers. That’s gotta count for some sales, right?

Famously Used By: Jason Derulo

Does It Work: Miami-native Jason Derulo debuted his video for Want to Want Me on Tinder earlier this year and it quickly became his sixth Top 10 hit in the US. So yes, this method works if you write an amazing pop song and have already established your career in the mainstream media.

Want to Want Me