Guy Gush: What’s The Best Advice NCT 127 Have Ever Received?

A few years ago, the idea of K-pop moving into the mainstream might have seemed far-fetched. It was challenging to imagine Western fans gravitating towards artists who looked different, sounded different, and sang in a language they didn’t speak or understand.

Now, it’s no longer a question of whether K-pop is ready to take over the world—it’s just a matter of when, and who. Enter NCT 127.

NCT 127, who most recently performed at this year’s Global Citizen Festival, have already been pegged as the next big Korean act in North America and beyond. Earlier this year, the group set out on their first solo tour that took them from Asia to North America and even Europe.

While at their Toronto stop this summer, we caught up with the boys of NCT 127—which currently consists of nine active members Taeyong, Taeil, Yuta, Jaehyun, Haechan, Johnny, Doyoung, Jungwoo, and their sole Canadian member, Mark—for their very own instalment of Guy Gush. They dished advice, shared inside jokes, and told us how they wanted to change the world.

Watch the full interview below, stream their latest EP We Are Superhuman now, and catch NCT 127 members Mark and Taeyong on tour this fall when they head out with SuperM.