Gwen Stefani Reveals New Tracklist–Which Song Will Be Your Next Breakup Anthem?


Gwen Stefani got us excited by posting a photo of the tracklist to her upcoming album on Instragram last night. The caption reads: This Is What the Truth Feels Like, which is the confirmed album title. From the looks of the 12 titles, this album just might be her most emotional release yet.

Lately, the singer’s personal life has been aired out in the tabloids. We’ve heard that she’s split up with her husband Gavin Rossdale, and has found new love with country singer Blake Shelton. We’re speculating that Stefani’s pulled inspiration for these song titles from her personal life. Check them out:

This Is What the Truth Feels Like…

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We wanted to make some educated guesses on which songs are about who on this album, and which song just might become your next breakup anthem.

Gavin Rossdale


Gwen Stefani endured her fair share of heartbreak after she found out her husband of 13 years was allegedly cheating on her. As an artist, it’s only natural to assume that she’d use music as an outlet to release the negative emotions she must’ve been feeling. We believe that Misery, Used To Love You, and Red Flag are possibly related to this chapter of her life.

Perhaps in Misery she’ll be venting out the feelings of sadness and hurt that she felt when she first found out about the peril her relationship would be in. Red Flag might be about signs Gwen Stefani might have seen with Rossdale’s behaviour that their relationship was falling apart.

Used To Love You has already been released as a single. It totally sounds like it has to do with Stefani’s past relationship with Rossdale. She sings about feeling hurt, but also remembering the happy times they used to share. Check out the video below!


Blake Shelton


Ever since her breakup from Rossdale, Stefani seems happily in love again with Blake Shelton. We’re thinking some of her more positive sounding songs might be about this new found relationship.

You’re My Favourite (which has has two stars drawn beside the title in her post) might be about her falling in love again, along with Make Me Like U.

This one might be a stretch, but we’re predicting Rare might be about finding a unique type of romance with her new man. Lastly, we’re guessing that Naughty might be a playful, sexy song about Shelton too.

Your New Breakup Anthem


Although we’re predicting that this will be a very personal album for Gwen Stefani, we think that this album will have some empowering music that other people could relate to!

Me Without You sounds like it might be an anthem of independence and self-love. It’s listed as the second last song on the tracklist, so perhaps it’s concluding Stefani’s story of pain with positivity and being a survivor. This just might be your new breakup go-to song in the future (whenever it’s released).

For now, these are just our hunches about what the songs are about. But we’ll have our answers once This Is What The Truth Feels Like, Stefani’s third solo album, drops on March 18.