Hailee Steinfeld Empowers Strangers On The Street In Her ‘Love Myself’ Video


Fri, August, 14 by


Last week, actress-turned-singer Hailee Steinfeld premiered her debut single, Love Myself. The pounding pop anthem is an empowering self-love mantra and the music video, which was released today, completely re-enforces that idea.

With mirrors with the hashtag #LoveMyself set up on the streets, Steinfeld invites strangers to be proud of their bodies and flaunt themselves in a super positive act of exercising confidence. Steinfeld herself dances up a storm on the streets with her pals, and on various rooftops, even at one point sporting a cheeky top with the words “self service” written across her chest, perhaps hinting at the dirtier connotations of the song (“I’m gonna put my body first/And love me so hard ’til it hurts,” she sings).

Check out the full video below and tell us in the comments below or @much — is Hailee Steinfeld going to be the next big pop star?