HAIM Get The Media Coaching They Never Asked For From Janessa Slater

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When Janessa Slater rolls up and offers you media advice you listen… or in the case of most celebrities, you at least try to. In case you’re unfamiliar with the routine, Sound Advice is a web series featuring SNL’s Vanessa Bayer as an over-confident media coach giving her two-cents to celebrities who probably don’t need it.

Most recently she sat down with our favourite cool-girls form HAIM for a second time, and the result was hysterical.

The most important lessons we gathered from the video:

1) A “smart blazer” is better than leather jackets
2) Eating “snaaaaacks” and going to “connnceertts” is overrated
3) Alana needs to stop interrupting
4) HAIM should just accept Janessa as their fourth sister

Who do we see about booking a consultation?!