Haim made the perfect debut in Toronto last night


Fri, May, 16 by

Toronto fans have been waiting almost a year and half for sister trio Haim to grace us with their music, talent, and most importantly, bass face. More on that later, though.

The California pop-rock band has amassed a huge following in that time thanks to their incredibly catchy melodies and killer harmonies. Their debut album Days Are Gone, released last September, became an instant classic combining Alana, Danielle and Este’s penchant for Fleetwood Mac rock jams that’s flawlessly bolstered by earworm choruses meant to be sung out loud at their shows with hips swinging, hair flipping and, as Este not-so-subtly suggested, “tits shaking.”


The sold-out crowd packed in and as soon as the show began, it was no longer the Kool Haus — it was the Haim Haus. As Este tells the crowd, they are jamming in their space now and for that hour, we are invited to join the party. And people partied hard.


There’s a slight comparison that can be made between Haim and ’90s girl group icon the Spice Girls. Each member possesses a distinct persona and quite honestly, that’s half of the appeal of Haim. They’re not only rock stars onstage, but internet-famous celebs for the new generation of fangirls obsessively following Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr feeds. There’s “Baby Haim”, Alana, as Este affectionately names her. There’s Danielle, the quiet leader. And then there’s Este “Bass Face” Haim, the loudest and most outspoken of them all, as we’re sure you’ve gathered from that tit-shaking comment mentioned above. There’s a Haim sister for everyone to relate to and if there were trading cards, Pepsi cans and other outrageous merch, you know you’d want to collect them all.

So, we guess it’s time to address Bass Face. Oh, that Bass Face. Of all the Haim sisters, Este has become a meme with her signature facial expressions while churning out her killer bass lines. It’s a beloved face and one that we definitely saw many times last night.

Like this.

Or this.

And let’s not forget this.


And it was glorious. All of it.

Overall, the show was a mega-success and a true triumph as the band’s first show in the city. Haim, please come back soon!

Photos by Randall Vasquez