Halsey’s ‘Alone’ Remix With Big Sean And Stefflon Don Is Better Than The Original

If you liked Halsey’s “Alone” when it was released back in June of last year, then strap yourself in for the song’s latest version featuring Big Sean and U.K. rapper Stefflon Don.

Originally featured on her last album hopeless fountain kingdom, the track’s vibe was compared to songs like “Drive” by Ed Sheeran. Halsey herself admitted that “Alone” brought back memories of New York and “Jay Z in Great Gatsby” on Twitter. Maybe that’s why she decided to revisit it…

This newer version is entirely different—Big Sean adds a second voice to the track that calls out Halsey on who she really is, ultimately seeing through her glitzy exterior to the lonely socialite in the lyric, “Baby you been living life inside a bubble / When the last time you had somebody hug you? / Hold up, when the last time you had somebody live you?” With this newer version, we’re hearing the other end of the conversation that helps us understand what the original was going for. With the lyric changes and Stefflon Don’s new bridge, this remix of “Alone” finds a way to beat the quality of the original by making its message clearer.

The success of the new track makes us wonder if there are any other songs Halsey plans on revisiting—we wouldn’t be mad if she created a whole other album out of remixes.