Halsey Parties At An Extravagant Masquerade In ‘Alone’ Remix Video

If you were just as stoked as we were when Halsey remixed Hopeless Fountain Kingdom track “Alone” with rappers Big Sean and Stefflon Don from last year’s album, then hold onto your shirt—the song’s flashy new music video just dropped.

Halsey’s soulful voice starkly contrasts the candy-coloured video of a lavish party dubbed ‘the celebration of death’. Co-directed by the singer and Hanna Lux Davis, this video is just another example of Halsey’s hands-on approach to her music. The glitz and glamour of the video’s party somehow still doesn’t undermine the emotional moment when Halsey spots her ex-lover being caressed by another woman. When the singer runs off to throw up, Big Sean steps in to console her with the added verses that were introduced within the remix.

Her previous videos ‘Bad at Love’ and ‘Sorry’ had already shown us that Halsey is no stranger to emotional music videos, but this one is certainly a step away from the indie grunge look she’d taken on. The party’s lavish glamour is completely different from her previous videos. Still, her shortened blonde hair could hint toward some sort of continuity within the album’s videos—much like the Hawaiian shirt had within the aforementioned videos.

Halsey will kick of the final leg of her North American tour for Hopeless Fountain Kingdom in May with a stop at Montreal’s M Telus theatre on July 8th. Check out the new video for ‘Alone’ below.