Hannibal Buress Is Getting His Own Show And This Is Why

Comedy Central has announced that comedian Hannibal Buress is getting his own half hour show. *Relieved exhale*

Why? With Hannibal Buress will feature the comedian doing on the street interview segments, discussing pop culture and chatting with guests.

You may know Hannibal from his role as Lincoln Rice on Broad City, or the cop from Neighbors, or the sidekick from The Eric Andre Show. We know him as the guy we haven’t been able to get enough of for years.

There are many reasons why we’re up for incorrectly using the term literally to describe our happiness over this news. We’re literally going to explode from air high fives. See?

Here are just a few of the reasons why it’s about dang time Buress got his own show.

He’s not about to put up with anyone’s shit, even a fake doctor.

He’s a really good groomsmen.

His live show includes a DJ and dancers. That’s really good entertainment value for your money.

He knows his Can Con.

Not that we doubt the comedic stylings of Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart (yes we do), but knowing Hannibal will be part of Justin Bieber’s Roast makes us feel much better.

His role as Lincoln on Broad City has made us less fearful of dentists.

He’s practical.

He cares about his friends.

Even if you’re rude to him, he still responds in a very polite way.

He respects a woman’s space.

He posts really helpful restaurant reviews on Twitter and YouTube. Sidenote: We’d love some Cracker Barrel right now.

He’s smart with his money.

Can’t wait to see you crush it on your new show, Hannibal!