Hannibal Buress Is Promoting His New Show During Shark Week


Thu, July, 2 by


Broad City star Hannibal Buress is gearing up for the premiere of his brand new TV show, Why? With Hannibal Buress (July 8), and you better believe he’s got some creative ways of promoting it. Last night, Buress spoke to Conan about his clever way of getting his new show out there by airing promos during one of the most popular weeks in television: Shark Week!

Buress then showed Conan one of his Shark Week promos in which he is wearing a crappy shark costume. “Yes, believe your eyes, it’s me Hannibal Buress…in a shark costume…on television…on Shark Week. Dreams come true,” he says in this hilarious ad. “How about that, Tinisha from sophomore year? Pft!”

We don’t know how much that actually promotes his show, but we totally dig the promo! And Buress’ excuse for the terrible costume? “It was deliberate […] because I don’t want to have a fancy shark costume ’cause I want people to be able to relate to me.”

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