Happy 48th Birthday Jimmy Kimmel!

Jimmy Kimmel Header

In honour of the hilarious talk show host’s 48th birthday, we are recollecting our favourite, and of course funniest Jimmy Kimmel Live moments. Thank you JK, for always bringing us the late night giggles and for forcing us to stay up way past our bed times (which BTW we don’t regret).

In no particular order, get ready to ROFL.

When Kimmel took Bachelorette Kaityln Bristowe wedding dress shopping, but decided he would play the bride instead. Oh, and get drunk with his sidekick Guillermo while waiting.

When no-one could make out what Bachelor Chris was trying to say, Kimmel took it upon himself to write it out on a chalkboard. And still, no-one could quite understand..But tops of to Jimmy for trying.

The moment everyone looks forward to on Novermber 1st. The annual “I told my kids I ate all their Halloween Candy” segment, which has us in tears every single time.




When Jimmy Kimmel created his own episode of “Friends” with a little help from some experts…

The ever-so famous “Mean Tweets” segment, where celebrities are forced to sit in front of a camera and read (hilarious) mean tweets about themselves. Try to hold back your laughter, we dare you.

Don’t like listening to the news? Kimmel’s got you covered. Here’s “Unnecessary Censorship, the segment where big TV moments are blurred/bleeped out for no reason at all.

When Jimmy almost missed his opportunity to host the Oscar’s after party because he was too busy having fun in bed with two lovely ladies. Oh, and eating fondue.

When Kimmel took cooking lessons from Master Chef Gordon Ramsey and (kinda) succeeded, while making all of us at home hungry.

This HIGHlarious Pedestrian Question

Or this bold question…

Or this LGBT question which was answered by confused children

And last but not least, aside from his humour, Jimmy Kimmel has a heart of gold. And for that, we love him even more. Also because he’s the world’s greatest Uber Driver.

By Caylee Kalisky, MTV.ca