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Happy International Coffee Day (As Celebrated By The Gilmore Girls)

Gilmore Main

It’s International Coffee Day and we all know what that means! Wait, what does it mean? Free (or discounted) coffee from (some of) your favourite java spots (and you may have to purchase a donut first)! Yay!

International Coffee Day may only come around once a year and we’re not really sure what it is (because, let’s face it, there’s a holiday for everything), but something that every coffee lover does know is that one special holiday isn’t necessary to remind us that we love roasted beans. We know what every day.

Two of TV’s biggest coffee crusaders were undoubtedly the mother/daughter duo of Rory and Lorelai Gilmore of The Gilmore Girls. As if two people could speak that fast without the help of caffeine.

The Gilmore Girls taught us a lot about love and relationships and growing up and what’s really important in life — coffee.

The Gilmore Girls know that mugs are for chumps.


With no coffee, there is nothing remotely physical.

2 standing

Vanilla and caramel are examples of flavours to put in your coffee, but they’re not the only examples.

3 cynism

At some point, doctors may tell you that your obsession with coffee is hurting you. To that, we say ‘schmoctors’.


When discussing your love of java, clarity is always the best adjective.


And honesty is not always the best policy.


Coffee lovers have their own set of rules when it comes to their preferred drink.


And those rules include supporting one another when their worst fears are realized.


Coffee lovers have their favourite way of ordering.


And when you’re favourite order is unavailable, extreme measures may have to be met.


People may judge you for your love of the bean. Acknowledge, accept, and get another cup.