Harry Styles Reveals What Makes Him Emotional

Harry Styles has gone through a number of changes this year and we’re not just talking about his hair (although ‘wow’ to that). Following the extended hiatus of One Direction, Styles took some time off before returning to the recording studio and crafting his stunning self-titled debut solo album. The album was released in May and Styles has already announced a world tour that will kick off in September.

Before Styles returned to the studio to begin recording his album, he tried on a new career. Taking on the role of actor, Styles is set to appear in director Christopher Nolan’s upcoming epic war film Dunkirk. The movie is set to finally hit studios tomorrow, and Styles has been making the rounds promoting the film, which is already garnering rave reviews, including praise for Styles’ breakthrough role as a young soldier.

Harry appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week and talked about his new film, which he admitted makes them emotional to watch.

“I think the thing with it is there’s no crazy backstory to any of the characters, really,” said Styles. “I think they’re a relatively blank slate and it means when you’re watching it you’re kind of projecting your fear. It’s almost like watching them and just imagining it’s you. I find it very emotional and I was in it.”

Saying that he feels ‘lucky’ to have gotten to work with director Christopher Nolan and a cast that includes Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy, Styles championed the film’s message and the incredible real-life story of Dunkirk, giving one of his most sincere and in-depth interviews to date.

“I think that’s what’s so nice to watch. It’s kind of the opposite to what a traditional movie set around war is. Not us (soldiers) being the heroes and going and saving the day, it’s just about community heroism and how these small acts from civilians, normal people who are at home, come and save us together and makes this massive thing,” said Styles. “I think it’s very much about the spirit of people and how when people come together, you can do incredible things.”

The pair also discussed Styles’ debut album, including filming the high-flying video for “Sign of The Times.” Harry also jokingly talked about recording the video for his next single “Two Ghosts,” which may or may not feature paranormal characters.

Christopher Nolan’s latest film Dunkirk hits theatres on Friday, July 21.