Prepare To Fall In Love With Harry Styles’ Fleetwood Mac Cover

In the history of boy bands, there have been only a handful of artists who have gone on to solo careers of such success that they’ve managed to amass an entirely new fan base. There’s Robbie, Justin, and now Harry.

With his self-titled debut album released this past May, Harry Styles completed his mission to make the entire world fall in love with him. Listeners aged 30 and above were his final step in world domination.

Styles experimented with a number of different sounds on his solo album, but the most consistent sound running through his stunning collection of 10 songs was a clear folk rock throw back inspired by bands like Fleetwood Mac. So, it’s only fitting for his first solo trip to BBC’s Radio 1 Live Lounge that Styles would include a cover of the famous folk band who, eventually split up and saw its solo members go on to successful solo careers. Sound familiar?

It’s been two years since Styles performed at the Live Lounge, back when the British singer was still part of one of the most popular groups in the world. Now returning as a solo artist, Styles was backed by his band for a performance of his latest single “Two Ghosts.” Harry released a video for the track at the end of August as part of his upcoming Behind The Album: The Performances, which was part of Styles’ Apple documentary shot in the famous Abbey Road Studios in London.

Styles also performed his soaring lead single “Sign of the Times.”

For his cover, Styles opted to once again pay tribute to Fleetwood Mac with his rendition of the band’s “The Chain” from their legendary 1977 disc Rumors. It’s a perfect fit for Styles’ 70’s vibe, with the singer stunning in his delivery of the iconic song.

In addition to the Live Lounge performance, Styles also recorded an hour-long special with the BBC titled Harry Styles at the BBC, which is set to be released in November.

Harry Styles is set to embark on his first solo tour starting September 19 in San Francisco.