Here’s Why Harry Styles Needs His Own Late Night TV Show

Harry Styles filled in for The Late Late Show’s James Corden on Tuesday night after Corden’s wife Jules went into labour and delivered the couple’s third child. While we think she probably needs a night off more than her husband, the show must go on and pop star Harry Styles ran to the rescue.

Tuesday night’s show was hosted from start to finish by Styles, who has previously delivered the monologue on Corden’s late night talk show. After seeing Harry as the only lead for an entire night, we got to thinking—someone needs to give Mr. Styles his own late night series. We’d watch that.


He can deliver a monologue.

Even with the late notice of filling in for Corden, Styles managed to deliver his monologue like a pro, discussing the Roy Moore and Doug Jones political race before switching to dogs wearing sunglasses. What *can’t* Harry Styles do?


He’s great with the guests.

On Tuesday night, Styles interview Owen Wilson, Jane Krakowski and Joel Edgerton while looking like a pro. In all honestly, we just really like looking at him.


He knows how to act in films and skits.

From serious roles, like playing a soldier in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, to bringing out his inner Mick Jagger (or not so inner) on Saturday Night Live, Styles has proved he’s got the acting chops needed for late night sketches. Admittedly, there isn’t a huge acting talent required, but being overqualified can be a good thing.


He’s got the suit game on lock.

Show us another host in the history of late night TV who has as much suit swag as Harry Styles. We’ll wait.


He could be the musical guest every night.

Harry Styles not only has A-list musical contacts in his phone, he also has the ability to fill in anytime a musical guest bails, which would hopefully be often. We would tune into a Harry Styles concert every night.

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