Watch Harry Styles Fly Through His New Video For ‘Sign Of The Times’

When pictures of Harry Styles suspended from a helicopter while flying over the Isle of Skye in Scotland emerged earlier this year, most fans assumed the pop singer was only filming a few feet off the ground for his upcoming debut music video “Sign of the Times.” But after seeing today’s new music and hearing from Styles’ helicopter pilot, Harry went full-bird for his art.

The new video for “Sign of the Times” is somewhere between Taylor Swift’s “Out of the Woods” and the Twilight films, with Style’s highly styled brown hair and tree-top running giving us flashbacks to Team Edward. The former One Direction member starts off the video on the ground, bundled up in a thick cream coloured sweater and navy pea coat that looks like something Styles stole from the set of his upcoming Christopher Nolan film, Dunkirk. After a few steps with trepidation, Styles eventually takes flight, soaring high above the mountainous region, even running on water before resting to drink some blood. Just kidding, but also, #Twilight.

According to an interview with pilot Will Banks, Styles flew to a height of more than 1,550 feet for his new “Sign of the Times” video, which is 50 feet short of the tip of the CN Tower. Consider us impressed.

“Sign of the Times” arrives just a few days after the Harry Styles World Tour sold out in seconds on Friday.

The pop singer has yet to release his debut self-titled solo album, which drops on May 12, but has shared three songs so far. In addition to “Sign of the Times,” Styles played “Ever Since New York” during his April appearance on SNL. Just last week, Styles also premiered the beautiful ballad “Sweet Creature.”