Has Anyone Noticed That Blake Lively Isn’t Aging?

On Friday, Blake Lively’s new film The Age of Adaline opens in theatres and tells the story of a woman who suffers a car accident and stops aging at 29. Lively plays the timeless Adaline in the new flick and goes through decades enjoying life without having to worry about taking her make-up off at night or moisturizing three times a day.

Of course, it makes sense to cast Lively in the role because she’s a great actress, but there’s something else we’ve noticed as well. Blake Lively is Adaline on screen and IRL. The woman hasn’t aged in ten years.

Still lighting up red carpets before going home to drink from the fountain of youth.

Still striking the same hand-on-hip pose like calendars don’t exist.

Still looking over her shoulder to see everyone else get wrinkles while she remains flawless.

Still giving Father Time the death stare.

Lively also appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week to look gorgeous, be charming, and put tape on Fallon’s face. Speaking of Fallon, he doesn’t seem to age either. Are these two in on it together?

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