Hear Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ Performed By Nickelback, Selena Gomez And More

Sorry 20

Ten Second Song artist Anthony Vincent has been blowing our minds for years with his incredible covers of pop songs sung in 20 different styles and now the performer has dropped his latest head-scratching banger with Justin Bieber’s Sorry. Like, maybe this song should have been recorded by Ricky Martin? We are la vida loving it!

Vincent paid homage to Bieber’s Canadian heritage by singing in the style of Nickelback, as well as his teeny bopper heritage by singing in the style of Hanson. Bieber’s famous ex even made the cut, with Vincent ending the cover in the style of Gomez’s 2015 single Good For You. It sounds really, really good. Jelena 2016?

If we had to choose our favourites from the new cover of Sorry, Ja Rule, Sisquo and Culture Club were definitely our top picks. Unfortunately, not even Bieber can save David Hasselhoff.