Here Are 5 New Songs To Get Your Weekend Started


It’s that time again. Your work or school day is almost done, which means the weekend is upon us. So we decided to give you a few options for a little playlist. Whether you’re going to be partying, driving around or just hanging out at home, these are five of the best new songs from this week. And they will surely get you through the weekend. You could say they’re pretty lit.

All In by Kid Cudi (Produced by Mike WiLL Made-It)

This one is a bit of a throwback. It won’t take you as far as A Kid Named Cudi or Man on the Moon, but it definitely has that sound he was using in portions of Man on the Moon II and Indicud. All In has that classic Cudi tone that turned him into one of the better hook artists of the late 2000s and a favourite of moody really chill teenagers. His dedicated fans have been clamoring for that retro Cudi sound and this track looks like a step in the right direction.

Man (Gang) by Skepta


It’s really only a matter of time before you become a Skepta fan (and probably of his brother JME, for that matter). The grime scene has officially been resurrected by BBK. With Skepta already receiving the co-sign from Drake and performing at Osheaga at the end of July, you’ll want to get to know who he is and what he’s about real quick. The drop of Man (Gang) is just one chapter in the onslaught of news Skepta dropped this week. He also released the track list for his upcoming album Konnichiwa, which features a familiar owl image in the “o” of Shutdown. Drake is already on the intro of the track, but could a collaboration between the current king of grime and the 6 God be on the way? Listen to Man (Gang) here.

Look Alive by Rae Sremmurd

They might have one of the weirdest (and more difficult to pronounce) names in music, but you can’t deny the ability of these two brothers from Atlanta to create hits. After absolutely dominating the club scene with their tracks No Type, Come Get Her and of course the banger No Flex Zone, the duo are back at it again. Their new single Look Alive premiered yesterday on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show and will be featured on their upcoming album SremmLife2. Similar to the Kid Cudi song, it features a slick instrumental from Mike WiLL Made-It. We could be in for the summer of Sremm, volume two.

Timeless by James Blake

You can only listen to so many bangers before you just need to kick back and relax—This is the perfect song for that. James Blake finally returned in February after the release of his album Overgrown in 2013. He released Modern Soul during his BBC Radio 1 residency and yesterday dropped this absolute gem, Timeless. Featuring what sounds like a sample from 50 Cent’s 21 Questions, it’s the perfect song if you’re looking to relax this weekend. To be fair, you could probably even play it at a party and shouldn’t get any complaints. Blake said during yesterday’s surprise appearance on the residency that his upcoming album Radio Silence is now finished and consists of 18 songs. He also mentioned one song is over 20 minutes in length. And in case you’ve forgotten, he said in 2014 that he was collaborating with Kanye and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon on his next project.

Rollin Like a Dummy by Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco is one of the more… interesting dudes in music right now. Rollin Like a Dummy is a song DeMarco recorded and performed live in 2012, but apparently just never put it on his computer. But as the saying goes, if you bother someone enough, you’ll always get your way (Disclaimer: that isn’t a real saying and you definitely didn’t hear it here first). So, like any other musician would, DeMarco took to his own subreddit and dropped off a download link for the demo track. And like any other musician would, he signed it, “Sincerely, Jar Jar Binks.” If you used up all your computer storage on video games and can’t download the song, we’ve included the live version of the track that DeMarco performed in 2012.

Honourable Mention: Lo-fi Sky (EP) by Ursa Major

If you enjoy the vibe of those last two songs, we suggest you check out Ursa Major, a 19-year-old artist out of Toronto. It’s a little more R&B than those tracks, but will have you hitting new levels of relaxation while you listen. Dusk, the second song off Lo-fi Sky was released on his SoundCloud a few months ago. Two days ago, the young producer/singer from the 6 dropped the collective five songs. It’s one of the coolest debut projects you’re going to hear and has a phenomenal little sample at the beginning of Short Circuit Brain.