Here Are The Best Covers Of Adele’s ‘Hello’ (So Far)

Hello Covers Main

When Adele dropped her first single in years with Hello this past Friday, a few things quickly became clear. One, we had a new song to sing at the top of our lungs in the shower. Two, we were totally being rewarded for our patience on new music from the British singer. Three, the landslide of covers was inevitable.

We’re still looking forward to Hello being performed everywhere from our Much Office Sessions to BBC’s Radio 1 to Kelly Clarkson’s tour (you just know girlfriend is gonna slay it on stage), but until then, we have the wonderful world of YouTube.

Conor Maynard

British singer Conor Maynard has been giving us chills with his covers for years. In addition to his own vocals, Maynard’s cover also includes an original rap verse by friend and frequent collaborator Anth. As an artists who has impressed us with both his original material and his catalogue of interpretations, we weren’t surprised when Maynard uploaded his own cover of Hello. Even less surprising? We love it.

Shawn Mendes

Okay, so Shawn Mendes’ cover of Hello is only a few seconds long, but this is the same guy who got a record deal off Vines videos. So yeah, it’s super good.

Leroy Sanchez

YouTuber Leroy Sanchez doesn’t do much to change up Adele’s Hello, but that also means he knows not to mess with perfection. Sanchez delivers an understated and emotionally packed performance, earning his cover half a million views in a single day.

Doug Panton

Singer Doug Panton’s rendition of Adele’s Hello was one of the first covers to go viral and for good reason. A rich vocal performance with impressive high notes makes Panton’s cover an easy listen.

Alice Olivia

If one of Alice Olivia’s vocal performances is great, layering the singers sultry vocals is even greater.

Pelle K

What would it sound like if Freddie Mercury and Adam Lambert did a cover of Hello together? A bit like Pelle K’s metal version.

Lionel Richie

Not really a cover, but too good to not include…