Here Are The Halloween Winners And Losers Of 2014


Mon, November, 3 by

The festive Halloween weekend was packed with fun and just like us, celebs took the time off to dress up (or down) and take on a new persona for the night. Some were more successful than others so we put together a little roundup of this year’s best and worst Halloween costumes.

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Ed Sheeran
Groovy, baby!

Beyoncé and Blue Ivy
We already crowned Beyoncé and her daughter Blue Ivy as the winners of Halloween and after scrolling through everyone else’s costumes, we still stand by our statement. Just look at these two, absolute royalty!

Katy Perry
Okay, this is pretty hilarious and great. Katy doesn’t take herself seriously and that’s what we love about her. Those who know her best shouldn’t be surprised by this costume — I mean, she even features these cheesy snacks in her Dark Horse music video!

Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka and their two kids
The second best Halloween family.

Kelly Osbourne
Because you can never go wrong with Wes Anderson-inspired costumes.

The ultimate badass.

Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama
Best couple costume.


Ellie Goulding
Culturally inappropriate costume #1

Scott Disick
Culturally inappropriate costume #2

Lily Allen
Much like the two examples above, Lily Allen opted for a super insensitive costume dressing up as “Dr. Luke, gynaecology department”. SMH.

Lady Gaga
Mother Monster parades around in expensive and elaborate costumes every day yet, on the most appropriate night of the year, she wears a white cloth and pretends to be a ghost? We don’t get it.

Adam Levine
That’s not a costume, that’s Adam Levine’s real life persona.