Here’s Everything We Know About Taylor Swift’s ‘Wildest Dreams’ Video

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Apparently there was a pretty big announcement made yesterday in the pop world *ahem*HarryStyles*ahem*, but fans of Taylor Swift were focused on something else: a new video!

Swift announced on her Instagram account that the video for her next single Wildest Dreams will premiere during the pre-show during Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards. Oh, VMAs. You’re so good at making us look forward to a Sunday night.

The preview of the video is a rapid succession of “blink and you’ll miss them” shots. We did some digging and here’s everything there is to know about Swift’s next single from 1989.

A man and woman are embracing in the video. We’re not quite sure it’s Swift, although the woman looks an awful lot like the singer. Whoever the male actor is, (many fans are guessing actor Scott Eastwood) he’s a lucky guy. Swift’s leading music video men get a ton of publicity after starring in one of her videos.


According to the clapper marker in the preview, the video is “shot” on August 2, 1950, meaning Swift will likely be wearing red lipstick, a floral dress and white tennis shoes…so, pretty much what she wears in 2015. Style is timeless, people!


The clapper also says the video is directed by G. Musterhausen. Rock band Muse opened their 2006 Knights of Cydonia music video with the words “A Gustof von Musterhausen Production”. That video was also directed by Joseph Kahn, who is the actual director for Wildest Dreams.


Kahn previously worked with Swift on her Style and Blank Space videos.

Chillin with @taylorswift after her huge Billboard wins. We're totally normal.

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According to Kahn, the video was shot in Africa.

The video shows zebras, birds, a plane, and a lot of passionate embracing. Could Swift be recreating Meryl Streep and Robert Redford’s famous 1985 film Out of Africa?


Check out Taylor Swift’s teaser for Wildest Dreams below and don’t miss Miley Cyrus hosting the MTV VMAs this Sunday at 8E/5P on MTV and Much!

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