Here’s Everything We Know About The ‘Friends’ Reunion Pic

Friends Reunion

One of the most anticipated reunions in TV history took place this weekend. While celebrating director James Burrows, (most of) the cast of The Big Bang Theory snapped a pic with (most of) the cast of Friends. It. Was. Awesome.

Do you think they all talked about making a million dollars per episode? Really, who else can they talk about that with?

And then this happened. #TBBT #friends

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The picture has further fueled rumours that the cast of Friends may be reuniting on the small screen for a reunion we’ve been waiting for since Rachel got off the place to Paris.

So what do we know about this now-famous picture? Let’s break it down.

The One Where Chandler Is Missing

Matthew Perry, who has been vocal on his opinions against a reunion, is noticeably absent from the picture. Could this *be* anymore telling that he doesn’t want to revisit Central Perk? Or was he really just stuck in London? We want our Bing-a-ling!


The One With James Burrows

Both casts were in LA to celebrate director James Burrows, who directed the first two episodes of The Big Bang Theory and 15 episodes of Friends over four years.

James Burrows

The One Where Everyone Is Working

What’s interesting about this picture is that seeing the cast of Friends together is surprising, but seeing them in general is not. All five of the actors pictured above have continued working in film and TV, which means that returning for a reunion special, whether scripted or not, wouldn’t include having to convince anyone to come out of retirement.


The One Where The Biggest TV Stars Are In Shock Of The Biggest TV Stars

The Big Bang Theory is pretty much the biggest sitcom in the world right now and has been for a few years. Judging by the look of shock and pure happiness expressed by the BBT actors, they too are starstruck by the cast of Friends. Even A-listers still love Friends. So yeah, we think there would be an audience for a reunion.


The One Where There Is A Time Hop

Sure, Joey Tribbiani Matt LeBlanc has morphed from a fox into a silver fox, but otherwise the cast has essentially been untouched by the hands of time. The reunion episode could include a time hop, or it could pick up a few days later. FAMOUS PEOPLE DON’T AGE!

Time hop

The One Where Everyone Is Friends

They all like one another enough to take a picture, so relations have to be pretty good? Being on speaking terms is step one for a reunion, right?


The One Where We Don’t Want To Say Goodbye

Everyone in this photo looks so happy. Looking at it makes us so happy. Let’s all be so so so happy together and have a reunion episode, mmmmkay?