Here’s How To Make The Golden Globe Nomination Announcement More Exciting

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Yesterday’s Grammy nomination announcement was the start of a new awards season, the best-dressed time of the year. Going alphabetically, Hollywood is sticking to ‘G’s and announcing this year’s Golden Globe nominations for the best in TV and movies on Thursday morning.

The early morning announcement is always a bit of a snooze to watch, but we’ve thought of a few ways the annual show could spice up their nomination reveal.

Watch the 2016 Golden Globes hosted by Ricky Gervais on Sunday, January 10 at 8E/5P on CTV and CTV GO.

Skype the nominees in from their bed at 5 am LA time.

Pic 1

Have the announcers shotgun espressos between each announcement.

Pic 2

Golden Globe host Ricky Gervais could provide 10 second reviews of every show/movie/actor/song nominated.

Pic 3

Give people watching a coupon for free popcorn every time an actor is nominated for the first time.

4 globes

Give Canadians watching a coupon for free Timbits every time a Canadian is nominated.

5 timbits

Slime the presenters every time Saoirse Ronan’s name is mispronounced.


Tina Fey and Amy Poehler crash the announcement in character if their film Sisters is nominated. Actually, they should do this even if they’re not nominated.

7 tina and amy

Use this photo of Leonardo DiCaprio if he’s nominated for The Revenant.


No, but seriously, how do you pronounce Saoirse?

6 saoirse