Here’s How We Know Paul Rudd Is Ant-Man’s Number One Fan-Boy

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It’s been a huge year for Marvel. Fantastic Four trailers are flying around everywhere, X-men fans are in a frenzy of excitement and Deadpool has been dominating pop culture one screen shot at a time.

There’s still one superhero who may not match the others in physical size, but certainly makes up for it in hype. Ant-Man crawls into theaters today and to celebrate its release we thought we might share some of our favourite promos brought to you by Ant-Man’s number one fan, Paul Rudd.

Maybe it’s his comedy background or maybe it’s just his genuine love for the movie, but we’ve noticed that Paul’s been doing quite a few promos these days. We don’t mind though because A) Paul Rudd is the bomb dot com and B) we almost peed our pants laughing at them all.

Do yourself a favour and check out how Mr. Rudd has been getting everyone pumped for Ant-Man in the most casual, adorkable ways possible.

What would happen if you were Shrunk

Things get super sciency in this sweet promo from Vsauc3. It answers some of the most important questions we’re all wondering about the movie, like “What does shrinking do your body mass?” The promo also answers a bunch of other stuff that probably no one was wondering like, “How does Paul Rudd drink his water?” Both incredibly educational.

Ant Fact or Man fact

Big thanks to Nerdist for showing us the ins and outs of Paul’s personal life, while also simultaneously proving that Micheal Douglas can smell bullsh**t a miiile away. Maybe Paul Rudd isn’t as ant-like as we thought. Bummer.

Ant or man fact

Comedy Central

It turns out Paul has more fans than he thought. Looks like most of the cast is fawning over him pretty hard. We don’t blame them. After all, just LOOK at that hair!

Paul’s toots

What’s funnier than an interview with Paul Rudd? How about that interview plus a CHAIR THAT MAKES FART NOISES?! About halfway through the first question, Paul realizes the leathery squeak from the chair sounds like straight up gas. Rudd does what any other professional actor would do. Milk the hell out of it.

Dizzy Sports with Dude perfect

This is quite possibly the best way to promote a movie that we’ve seen in awhile. After all nothing says “Superhero” like making yourself borderline want to puke and then forcing yourself to do sports. Now THAT’s a superpower we could use.

Kimmel and Rudd post credit scene

We all know how upsetting it is when there’s an expectation for a post credit bit and we are left hanging like a sad little peach. Jimmy Kimmel and Paul take that to another level when they miss out out their long-awaited post credit scene. They get passive aggressive all over that set. You could even say they went from zero to 15 real quick.

Paul Rudd’s biggest fan

So we know that Ant-Man’s biggest fan is Paul Rudd, but did you know Paul’s own biggest fan is ALSO Paul Rudd?! The other night on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the opening monologue was interrupted by a man that very suspiciously looked a lot like Paul Rudd… Spoiler Alert: It was.

A totally legit clip from Ant-Man on Conan

Judging from this clip, Paul Rudd is clearly one of the most honest guys in Hollywood. So honest in fact that he decides to prank King Coco on his own show… twice. For the record though we’d still see that movie, even with the bad special effects E.T included.

Drinko with Jimmy Fallon

This one’s not as much as a promo as it is Jimmy and Paul just messing around. Still, they manage to slip in some punny Ant-Man jokes, and at the end of the day isn’t that what we all wanted anyways?

Oh and don’t forget to totes mcgoats check out Ant-Man in theatres now!