Hilary Duff Releases ‘All About You’ Lyric Video And I Finally Get It

I have a confession and I would like to make it clear to Hilary Duff stans and internet trolls that it is JUST AN OPINION and I’m not stating this as fact.

I never really ‘got’ Hilary Duff’s music.

There, it’s out there, I said it.

To be clear, I don’t think there is a child star, living or dead, who has done as good a job of transitioning into adulthood as Hilary Duff. She has set the child star sanity bar and it’s impressively high. Kudos to Duff and her family, because let’s admit, it’s usually the families.

I’ve always thought Hilary Duff seemed absolutely lovely and over the years I’ve admired how gracious she has always been to her fans. Plus, she married a Canadian, which totally counts for brownie points in my book. Nanaimo bar points? Maybe that’s more appropriate.

I was too old when Lizzie McGuire premiered to watch it, so I admittedly thought of Duff as a children’s entertainer for many years, even after her show ended and she began releasing music. Of course, I thought So Yesterday was soooo good, but nothing else from Duff really made an impression on me.

Now that Duff is back with a new album and more ‘adult’ sound, I readied myself for a killer new record to add to my playlist. But Chasing The Sun has come and gone and my little heart did not go pitter patter.

I feel like I’ve been missing the ‘Hilary Duff Train’ for a while. I am definitely alone in my lack of stanning for Duff, with two of my fellow Much writers proclaiming themselves die-hard Duffers, with one even picking a Duff album over my beloved Taylor Swift. Now, I’m not here to pit women against each other or to take sides. Instead, I’m here to say I FINALLY GET IT.

Thanks to Duff’s latest single All About You, I finally seeing the slaying for the trees. Slarary Duff. All hail the Duffster. Keep calm and listen to Hilary Duff.

With All About You, I have officially found a place in my heart for Duff’s music. It’s catchy, it’s a bit unexpected (I hear you, banjo), it’s sexy, it’s sweet, and it’s much stronger than Chasing The Sun.

Check out Duff’s lyric video for All About You and feel free to tell me I’ve been wrong all these years.