All The Hints Taylor Swift Has Dropped About Her Upcoming Album

Thu, April, 18 by Stephanie Gao

Attention Swifties—Taylor Swift’s new album is coming.

But are you dumbfounded by the cryptic clues that have been popping up all over her social media since April 13? Wondering what Swift’s new Instagram and personal style revamp means? It seems like nothing Swift does is a coincidence. We don’t have all the answers yet, but one thing’s for sure—something’s coming on April 26 and we absolutely cannot wait for Swift’s reign to resume over our airwaves, ears, and hearts.

Here’s everything that’s happened thus far.


April 13: Swift Changes Her Instagram Profile Pic And Bio

Swift’s Instagram profile image was changed to a pastel sky, and the date “4.26” was added in her bio along with a link to her official site, which currently displays a countdown set atop a background of an identical pastel pink sky. Swift also launched a countdown on her Instagram story that day, teasing fans with what is to come.

Swifties around the world noticed the appearance of a similar countdown, along with the site (with the T and S capitalized, duh) that redirects to, on billboards.


April 13: The First Countdown Post Appears On Swift’s Instagram

Featuring a pink bejewelled heart and the caption “4.26,” the first countdown post appears in a highly Taylor Swift fashion—with all comments turned off.


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Over the next several days, Swift continued posting images that all incorporate a similar soft, pastel, bejewelled aesthetic that recalls the glittery picture of seven palm trees posted on February 24.


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Fan have speculated that each tree represents one of Swift’s albums, while observant fans have noticed that the 61 stars on the photo coincide exactly with the number of days between February 24 and April 26. Hmm…


April 15: Swifties discover the ~connection~ between “The Story Of Us” and her new album

Last year during the AMAs, Swift teased her upcoming seventh album by saying, “I’m even more excited about the next chapter.”

Since the countdown to April 26 began, devoted fans have noticed that “The Story Of Us” from her 2010 Speak Now album not only feature lyrics that include the words “next chapter,” it’s also exactly 4 minutes and 26 seconds long (4.26, hello!) in addition to being the seventh track on the album.

This fan theory has apparently been confirmed by Swift herself, who liked this fan’s post on Instagram.


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Someone said it too loud @youlikethebadones2 – [ UPDATE: TAYLOR LIKED!! APRIL 15TH ]

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April 17: All of Swift’s songs on Spotify have the same promotional album art… except for “The Story Of Us”?

Every one of Swift’s songs on Spotify now display album art with the same animated glittery hearts and pastel pink sky found on her site, along with “4.26 MIDNIGHT EASTERN” in large, white, bold text. However, some fans are unable to see this change reflected in the album art for “The Story Of Us,” leading to a mass Swiftie Twitter meltdown.

Although this issue seems to have been cleared up a few hours ago and all tracks now have the same promotional album art, why not go through Swift’s discography yourself to see if “The Story Of Us” has changed back…or not?


April 18 Swift changes her YouTube header and profile photos

As of today, Swift’s official YouTube channel now features the text “4.26” and a pastel pink sky.

Does this mean a new music video will be dropping along with a new single? If not, why else would she change her YouTube header and profile photos? What other clues are going to be released between now and next Friday? Nobody except Swift herself knows, so sit tight folks, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.