8 Holiday Movies You Can Watch Online Now

Eight Crazy Nights

The holidays are here, which means the holiday movies are here as well. Sure, it’s nice to revisit your most beloved holiday flicks, but finding new favourites is also a great way to spend your time off school and work. Plus, if you’ve been watching the same Christmas movies for the past 15 years, you may want to try something different.

Finding a flick that the whole family can enjoy is an added bonus, with the holiday season as the one magical time of year when everyone can actually agree on the same movie. It’s a Christmas miracle.

Here are eight holiday movies that the whole family can enjoy together. Head over to CTV Throwback and Movies to watch all these movies—and hundreds more—completely free.


Mixed Nuts

Starring: Steve Martin, Adam Sandler, Juliette Lewis, Liev Schrieber

The holidays can be one of the most stressful and depressing times of the year and Nora Ephron’s 1994 film Mixed Nuts finds the fun in the dysfunctional. Steve Martin stars as a social worker for a suicide hotline, spending his days trying to help others while his own life unravels. Plus, it’s Christmas and Adam Sandler plays a ukulele. What more could you want?

Watch it here now.


Eight Crazy Nights

Starring: Adam Sandler

If you’re looking for even more Adam Sandler in your holidays, we suggest the comedian’s classic Eight Crazy Nights. The animated film features Sandler as Davey Stone, a former basketball star whose poor choices land him in trouble with the law, with a judge sentencing him to community service as the referee in a youth basketball league. The Hanukkah-themed film includes Sandler voicing a handful of characters, including the little and loveable Whitey Duvall. Plus, there’s the “Hanukkah Song.” Go tell Veronica, it’s time to watch Eight Crazy Nights.

Watch it here now.


The Perfect Holiday

Starring: Gabrielle Union, Morris Chestnut, Queen Latifah

There are two things that make a great Christmas movie: a struggling family and a love connection. The Perfect Holiday has both. Gabrielle Union stars as a single mom looking for love and Morris Chestnut is her new boyfriend, who hasn’t been totally honest about his job as a mall Santa. So, he’s on his own naughty list? The family comedy also stars Queen Latifah, Faizon Love, and Katt Williams, putting the ha ha ha in the ho ho ho season.

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Call Me Claus

Starring: Whoopi Goldberg, Nigel Hawthorne

Every 200 years, Santa Claus is forced to retire and train a new St. Nick to bring presents to all the boys and girl. In Call Me Claus, Santa finds his replacement in a TV producer, played by Whoopi Goldberg. We like the idea of Whoopi as Father Mother Christmas. She seems like someone who would give cool gifts.

Watch it here now.


A Christmas Melody

Starring: Mariah Carey, Lacey Chabert

Mariah Carey is the unofficial Queen of Christmas Music, so it’s fitting that the singing superstar has directed her own holiday film. Lacey Chabert stars as a single mom who returns to her hometown with her daughter. The pair get into the holiday spirit thanks to a handsome music teacher (love story—check!) and Carey, who help them write a new Christmas song. We can’t guarantee that it’s as catchy as “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” but it’s Mariah Carey, so it’s still gonna be pretty great.

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Christmas In Conway

Starring: Mandy Moore, Andy Garcia, Mary-Louise Parker, Cheri Oteri

Before Mandy Moore was making us cry in This Is Us , but after she made us cry in A Walk To Remember, she had us weeping with Christmas in Conway. Moore stars as the aid to Mary-Louise Parker, who plays a woman with a terminal illness. Parker’s husband, played by Andy Garcia, is intent on building his wife a Ferris wheel before she passes away. So, it’s a Walk To Remember, but at Christmas and with a Ferris wheel instead of a telescope.

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Arthur Christmas

Starring: James McAvoy, Bill Nighy, Hugh Laurie, Laure Linney

If you need a break from tearjerker holiday films, we suggest Arthur Christmas. When a glitch at the North Pole causes one child to be missed by Santa, loveable Arthur takes it upon himself to deliver the gift the old fashion way. The film is also a great reminder to rely less on computers…and rely more on reindeer? Something like that.

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This Christmas

Starring: Loretta Devine, Idris Elba, Regina King, Mekhi Phifer

The holidays are a time for family to come together in peace and harmony. For the Whitfields, it’s also a time for everyone to air their dirty laundry. This hilarious and heartfelt holiday film proves that no one’s family is perfect. Also, Santa can be hot.

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