Hot Takes Of The Week: October 4

The weather might be cooling down, but our takes are as hot as ever. Check out this week’s edition of hot takes, featuring Chanel, boy bands and CBD-infused…activewear?


The Fashion Industry Needs To Take A Chill Pill

Fashion month just ended with what I would say is a bigger bang than usual. French comedian Marie Benoliel, better known as Marie S’Infiltre (if that doesn’t give it away), decided to make a statement and crash two runway shows, one of them being Chanel. And while the first show she crashed was met with laughter from the models, people at Chanel were less amused, Gigi Hadid being one of them. Yeah, it makes sense why people would be upset, but they also need to chill out. High fashion is nice, but realistically, it promotes a high society exclusiveness that’s kind of overrated in today’s age. The comedian’s whole point was to show “how silly some people can be when they lack distance and thinking.“ Not saying I promote this type of behaviour because it can come off as tacky and disrespectful, but when it does happen, just go with the flow and move on because I guarantee there are worse things going on in the world. —Adina


‘Boy Band’ Isn’t A Bad Word

The release of The Hollywood Reporter‘s new interview with K-pop superstars BTS caused quite the stir online. Mobilizing the Internet’s most active fanbase (one I do consider myself a part of), ARMYs were quick to criticize the story and its writer. While most of the criticisms were merited (the story generalizes K-pop, came off as xenophobic, and was not well researched), there was one argument I didn’t agree with—ARMYs are especially sensitive when BTS is referred to as a “boy band,” and they really shouldn’t be. Calling BTS a boy band isn’t an insult—and we should stop treating it as such. We don’t need to stop using the term to describe them, we need to get rid of the negative connotations that surround boy bands and basically everything that young girls like. Society is quick to dismiss and ridicule anything young women like by the masses, whether it’s BTS, Twilight, or Hydro Flasks. Just because a group is made up of attractive boys who sing and dance to pop music, that doesn’t make their work less meaningful or make their cultural impact less significant. Boy bands like One Direction, Backstreet Boys, and NSYNC have undoubtedly influenced and changed the course of music history. I would even go as far to say that The Beatles were a boy band. If you want to call BTS a boy band, go ahead. They’re in some pretty good company. —Celina


‘Woke Culture’ Is Not An Excuse For Incompetence

Earlier this week, Joker director Todd Phillips—who rose to fame for his work on lighthearted, bro-y flicks like Old School and the Hangover trilogy—came under fire for claiming that ‘woke culture’ is killing comedy. Firstly, this take is as tired as it is frustrating. Secondly, you don’t have to look far (or like, at all) to find movies, TV shows, stand-up specials that all manage to be smart, biting and, yes, funny, without being offensive or otherwise generally tone deaf. Or featuring cameos from registered sex offenders. See: Booksmart, The Other Two, Insecure. Need I go on? Ditching comedy for drama because you can’t do or say whatever you want any more is just plain lazy, and refusing (or not being able) to change and re-evaluate your approach to comedy might just be proof that you were never that funny in the first place. —Sara


Frankie Muniz Hitting On Lizzo Is Not Cute

Frankie Who-niz? Like everyone else with half a brain, the Nickelodeon throwback star is clearly thirsty for Lizzo. Muniz hit on Lizzo with some suggestively kinky tweets, including a drawing of his fantasy. A lot of praise is being heaped on Muniz for “shooting his shot,” but when you break it down this is actually just creepy. First of all, Lizzo’s response was a little less than engaging. Hitting on someone when you know there is an audience applies unfair pressure for them to respond positively, especially for women who often get backlash if they tell off some guy who is “just being nice.” Second, Muniz is engaged, so you have to ask yourself what his end goal is here since it’s probably not actually to date Lizzo. Muniz is flirting with her like it’s a meme he can tweet out to seem relevant, as if his attraction to Lizzo is just a joke. Fat black women are often subjected to objectification and fetishization like this, especially at the hands of white folks; this falls into a similar category as people who refer to Lizzo as their spirit animal (she’s not an animal and also it’s 2019, we don’t say that.) Lizzo is not here to be a fetish fantasy ,and Muniz definitely doesn’t deserve praise for his actions. Overall, gross Frankie, just gross. —Rachel


CBD Is The Pumpkin Spice Of Marijuana 

Just like the fad that surrounds PSLs every fall season, CBD is the hot item that everyone seems to be obsessed with these days. For those of you who don’t know, CBD belongs to the same class of cannabinoids as THC, but is non-psychotropic. So, it has similar effects as THC without the mental high. Most commonly, you can smoke CBD, take a CBD capsule, or use a CBD-infused oil. Nowadays, the list of CBD-infused products seems to go on, and on, and on. There’s beer, bath bombs, dog treats, lube, and now there’s, activewear.

Activewear—yes you read that right. Just like how activated charcoal permeated every single consumer product you can think of, CBD-infusions are now doing the same. I am all for using CBD to ease aching muscles and joint pain, but I just can’t comprehend the science behind CBD-infused workout clothes, and the jargon they use to explain how it works makes no sense to me. Even if it does work, would this even last after a few washes? It just doesn’t seem like an economical or worthwhile purchase. Please, stop infusing every single GD thing. Enough is enough. Let’s just enjoy it how God originally intended. — Alex