Hot Takes Of The Week: September 13

Friday the 13th is a canonically cursed day of the week. Why? Who cares. We’re serving you up some fresh hot takes this week so sizzlin’ that this superstition won’t even matter to you.

Gay People Are Better At Reality TV than Straight People

With this week’s finale of Are You The One?, the show earned major praise and is already gearing up for another season with a sexually fluid cast. This season’s LGBTQ+ cast breathed new life into the dating show, and it’s time to face a long-unacknowledged truth: gay people are better at reality television than straight people. Why? Reality TV cruxes on the question “Why should I care about you?” and queer folk DELIVER because that’s basically what society is asking us every day. The LGBTQ+ community is used to justifying its existence to the world. Whether it’s the AYTO finding themselves or Drag Race queens breaking boundaries, queer reality stars represent a cause bigger than themselves, and audiences delight in rallying behind them. — Rachel


Everyone Should Care About The Caroline Calloway Drama

After an essay on The Cut went viral this week, a lot of people on the Internet were asking one of two questions: “Where are the Yale plates?” or “Who is Caroline Calloway?” While those in the former party found themselves captivated by the narrative writer Natalie Beach had presented, which outlined her tumultuous relationship with Instagram influencer and notorious scammer Caroline Calloway, those in the latter group were rolling their eyes asking why we should care about it. I’ll admit that the story at times sounds more like the plot of a Girls episode than real life, but dismissing the story all together because you claim you “can’t relate” is lazy and misses the point. While the story takes place in a setting of privilege (read: it’s about white girls from NYU) I still think a lot of women can relate to the nature of their complicated, eventually toxic friendship. In a culture obsessed with the idea that empowered women empower women, the Natalie/Caroline dynamic is one worth dissecting. Women have been primed to expect that in their early 20s, men will try to take advantage of and even exploit them. But we don’t talk enough about the complexities of platonic female friendships and partnerships and what happens when they turn ugly, envious, and abusive. Let Beach tell her story.

Also, to the haters who are suggesting that Instagram captions are frivolous and influencers don’t have cultural impact and aren’t worth talking about—that’s an extremely boring and lukewarm take, but we can save that for another week. — Celina


Leave VSCO Girls Alone

Pumpkin Spice Lattes, astrology, boybands—girls aren’t allowed to like anything fun with out being placed into a box and mocked online. I know it’s not always that deep, some of the jokes are funny, and it’s important to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes, but these jokes can easily become overdone. It’s a universal experience to pretend you don’t like things in fear of looking stupid, but it’s something to outgrow—and girls don’t always have that luxury. With the rise of the VSCO girl, e-boys and e-girls, and every other ‘type’ of person, I think it’s important to have a conversation about why we feel the need to mock people for liking harmless things. Wear that scrunchie on your wrist. Care about what your astrology app is telling you. Own it, because at the end of the day, there’s no point in letting people on the Internet tell you what’s cool and what’s not. Saving the turtles, reusing water bottles, dressing like you’re always on the way to the beach, all while finding the perfect filter for your Instagram picture? What could be better than that? — Meghan 


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Joaquin Phoenix Will Win Best Actor At The Next Oscars

It’s all about TIFF right now in Toronto. From new movie premieres to celebrity sightings, red carpet wear to questionable fan interactions, Canada’s entertainment news has been buzzing with all things TIFF—and folks have not shut up about Joker. Whether its praise for Todd Phillips’ “hypnotically perverse” take on Batman’s arch-nemesis’ backstory, or reviews on Joaquin Phoenix’s bone-chilling performance as a mentally ill, two-bit clown, most critiques bask in the glow of one all familiar golden-figured statue named Oscar. It’s a hard feat for a comic-themed movie to be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Black Panther was the first superhero film ever to accomplish that, but its looking like Joker could be the next, and it’s not even a traditional comic-inspired movie. It’s hard to say if Joker as a film will win Best Picture, but Best Actor is well within reach. Now I am nowhere near implying that Phoenix could ever dethrone Heath Ledger for best rendition of the Clown Prince of Crime, but I fully believe that he will win this year’s Oscar for his role of Arthur Fleck. It’s almost arguable that its Phoenix’s time to win the career-defining award—after all, he’s been nominated three times already.  — Alex


Stop Asking Rihanna About R9

R9 is coming soon or maybe it’s not coming at all, but either way, we all need to stop begging Rihanna for it. Despite how readily available it may seem, you are not entitled to new music. It seems almost absurd that some people need to be reminded that music is an art and art takes time and commitment. Keep that in mind, and then go visit Rihanna’s Instagram page, I’m sure in under two minutes you’ll come to the conclusion that, Rihanna isn’t slacking on her new album, she is BUSY. Like the type of busy that puts her on the road to becoming the world’s 245th female billionaire. As a fan, it’s perfectly fine to crave new projects from your favourite artists, but it is an issue when excitement turns into pressure. Everything Rihanna has said regarding new music so far seems to suggest she is working on it, but is not totally in that head space. Either way, a new Riri album is coming eventually, let’s all just agree to be collectively patient and let her cook. — Vernon